The collaborative dialogue explores a 'patch' 'work' as an approach to monuments in public and digital space.
With Alexa Chow (curator), Lilac Emanuel (fashion designer), Leonid Hrytsak (visual artist), and Sofia Sanchez (fashion designer).

For Monument’s Sake!
disassembles ‘the monumental’ into a patchwork. Once the word ‘patchwork’ is broken down into ‘patch’ and ‘work’, a textile historically associated with the domestic economy can be understood as ‘fragment’ and ‘action’ in public and gallery space.

The public statues ‘Albert Memorial’ and ‘Physical Strength’, abysmal embodiments of British imperialism standing near the Royal College of Art in Hyde Park, are transformed into substitute creations.

In the exhibition setting, the group of artists performs as Walking Monuments. They extend the installation by wearing sculptural garments and by entering casual conversations with the visitors. After a short, scripted introduction to the piece, they ask the visitors questions about their future vision of public statues. See some of the responses below.

Supported by Gilbert Bayes RCA Award, 2022.